Friday, March 18, 2011

Exercise to get worse.

Feeling better and doing better are two completely different things. Believe me, I should know. Even if you feel better doesn't mean that you are actually doing better. On the contrary, feeling better can make you more sick than you already were. For instance, I was feeling a little better when I had the flu, so I competed at Districts for dance team, but after that I was definitely NOT doing better. I relapsed.. Now the point of this post wasn't to talk about how sick I am, but is is to discuss how dance affects my health. I dance to feel good and to keep in shape. It is something I love doing and have been loving for a year and a half. Cardio exercise is supposed to be good for the heart and for your all around health. This is true to an extent personally. Once I get sick, then it is hard to re cooperate, and every time that I dance when I am not completely healthy then I end up getting worse. So the question is this: do I dance and do what I love when it risks my well being or do I stop what I love doing?
Hard question to answer, but what I do know is that dancing is a must-no matter what.

Friday, February 4, 2011

14 days and more awards..

    I should be on mystery diagnosis. Of course, I would end up the one case to be left unsolved. Last Monday, I became ill-AGAIN.. Symptoms? Dizziness, tiredness, headaches, fever, slightly swollen lymph nodes in my throat, and a sore throat. I got tested for strept throat, mono, and an entire CBC. For those who don't practically live at the doctor's office, it is an entire blood count to check to make sure all the different levels are where they are supposed to be. Like white blood cells and iron counts. Anyways, according to their stupid tests, I was fine. I just had a "virus". These mystery viruses to stay the heack away from me.
     So in bed I stayed for six long, boring days. Being behind in school is ridiculous, and it sucks. Especially when you still don't feel good and going to school makes it worse.

And the winner goes to...

     I've always been a sick child. Ever since I was little kid, I had always been prone to illnesses and ailments. Elementary school was the time of the Strept Throat. I don't think I went one year without catching it at least three times. Man, that would have been crazy if I got it only once or twice!
110_cartoon_needle.gif     I was so happy when I had to get my tonsils removed! I thought that I would finally be cured of the being "the sick girl". Yeah, I don't have that kind of lucky obviously. From then on migraines were my new disease, and there's nothing better than a light and noise sensitive nauseas girl!
     So for no rhyme or reason, except that the world hates me, I got migraines.. Frequently. In between all these loving headaches, I had mono twice, pneumonia, and strange viruses. Seriously doctors suck! If there was an award for girl with the most random viruses, I think I would win.